Rotator Cuff Repair


Increase Efficiency.
Respect Biology.
Optimize Outcome.

Rotator Cuff Repair

What is SINEFIX™?

The SINEFIX Implant System is an easy-to-learn solution aimed at 
simplifying rotator cuff repair procedures and improving patient 

SINEFIX aims to:

Simplify the surgical technique for rotator cuff repair with no suture management or knot tying steps.

tendon to bone fixation with less implants by providing higher pull-out forces than double row fixation.

blood flow and facilitate healing conditions with minimal, even 
distribution of pressure on the tendon attachment point.

Rethinking Tendon Fixation

SINEFIX was designed to address three main challenges with rotator cuff repair surgery:

Patient Outcomes

Current gold standard used for decades without significant improvement in patient outcomes

Suture Anchors

Use of suture anchors in arthroscopic RCR involves complex surgical technique


Postoperative rotator cuff retear after rotator cuff repair is still a major problem

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